Gabriel Constans has written for numerous newspapers, magazines, web sites, radio and literary journals in North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and Asia; and is a contributing writer, along with Maya Angelou, to You the Writer by Guth and Rico (Houghtin-Mifflin Co.), The Real Meaning of Life by David Seaman (New World Library) and From Eulogy to Joy (Cynthia Kuhn Beischel).

Gabriel's books include over a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction (by a variety of publishers). The Last Conception (a novel); Buddha's Wife (a novel); Don't Just Sit There, Do Something! Grief's Wake Up Call; Saint Catherine's Baby (stories); The Skin of Lions: Rwandan Folk Tales; Paging Doctor Leff: Pride, Patriotism & Protest (biography); Luscious Chocolate Smoothies: An irresistible collection of healthy cocoa delights; and Good Grief: Love, Loss & Laughter, are a few of his most recent titles. Buddha's Wife has been adapted into a contemporary screenplay for film and presently seeking a producer.

He has edited and collaborated on numerous manuscripts and writing projects, including Village Wisdom by Ley Ly Hayslip, A Woman Of Heart by Marcy Alancraig (Mazo Publishers), Eye to Eye by Russel Downing ((DeVors), Thief of Hope by Cindy Young-Turner (Crescent Moon Press), Hairball Diaries by Katy Byrne (Langmarc Publishing), and web and add content for Cloudburst Games. His book reviews at The New York Journal of Books are thoughtful, entertaining and informative.

Dr. Constans has served the community since 1974 as a grief counselor, chaplain, social worker and massage therapist and is certified in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). His private counseling and counsulting practice is located in Santa Cruz, California. He was a mental health consultant at the Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi Center. Gabriel worked at the Center for Grief and Loss at Hospice of Santa Cruz County, as a social worker, educator and bereavement counselor since its founding in 1977. Additional experience includes work as a program manager for an innovative mental health center; Impact and Dharma programs at California State prisons and as a drug and alcohol counselor for teens and ex-convicts.

Mr. Constans Doctorate in Death Education is from The Union Institute and University. His Masters in Pastoral Counseling was from Beacon College and his Bachelor of Science in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior is from the University of San Francisco.

Gabriel is the co-parent to five children and four grandchildren in The States and an extended family at The ROP Center for Street Children in Rwanda, along with the Ihangane Project for women and rural health care in Rwanda.