Providing practical support to heal the emotional and mental distress from separation, divorce, death, illness, trauma, anxiety, phobias, anger, guilt, addictions, depression, nightmares and abuse.

Dr. Constans has served the community since 1974 as a grief, mental health and substance abuse counselor, chaplain, social worker and massage therapist. He is certified in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and is a mental health consultant at the Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi Center.

TFT is the study of the structure of thought fields and the body’s energy system as they pertain to the diagnosis and treatment of psychological distress by using the same meridians used in Chinese medicine.

Professor Charles Figley, (Director of Florida State Universities Psychosocial Stress Research Program) says that:

 “TFT stands out from all other approaches because:

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Gabriel Constans is a Member of the Association of Thought Field Therapy

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